CIC Trophy Evaluation System Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I become a Certified CIC Measurer?
A: You must fulfill 3 requirements to become a CCM:

  1. Attend an official CIC training event
  2. Be an individual member of the CIC or a member of a CIC member organization in good standing (i.e. membership fees paid)
  3. Be supported by the Head of Delegation from your country.

If you are interested, contact us and we will inform you of upcoming training events and put you in contact with your Head of Delegation for support.

Q: I am a hunter who gets my trophies measured by many different people. How can I be sure that my trophy is being evaluated by an official CCM?
A: Official CCMs must carry around their identification card which has their name, address, ID number, and validity dates on the front. The back of the card can vary with various sponsor logos. To find the list of species which the CCM is qualified for, please go here.

Furthermore, please feel free to contact the CIC Headquarters, should you have any concerns.

Q: Does the CIC offer gold, silver, and bronze medals/certificates?
A: The CIC Headquarters does not issue any medals or certificates except for CIC International Gold Medal and Certificate. Medals can be issued on a national basis.

Q: I would like to get my trophy measured, how can I do that?
A: You can find a measurer closest to you and contact them via e-mail, or you can send an e-mail to the Headquarters detailing your request.

Q: Can my trophy be measured more than once?
A: Certified CIC Measurers attend a training session to learn from our Senior International Trophy Judges and commit to following the rules outlined in the CIC Handbook for the Evaluation and Measurement of Hunting Trophies. Once scored by a CCM, the trophy cannot be re-scored. If the trophy is scored and then a CIC International Gold Medal is desired, it must be measured according to the rules and that will be considered the absolute final score.

Q: I have a gold medal level trophy and I would like to apply for a CIC International Gold Medal, how can I accomplish this?
A: First, please make sure that your trophy fulfills all of the requirements for a complete CIC IGM application. Then, please contact the CIC Headquarters to see when the next official CIC International Trophy Evaluation is being held in order to arrange for its measurement.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?
A: Yes, you can like our page to keep up to date with events of the TES, our gold medals, and to interact with the community of knowledgeable experts!