Literary Award 2008
27 May 2008

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The 2008 Literary Awards were awarded during the 55th CIC General Assembly in three categories:
Cultural, Literary and Technical Prizes.

Literary Prize Winners 2008

The Cultural Prize was awarded to Prof. Sándor Faragó, Hungary, for his book “Magyar Vadász Enciklopédia” (Hungarian Hunting Encyclopaedia). It is the first publication of its kind that gives a comprehensive summary of knowledge and information on hunting in Hungary. The book presents information on a wide variety of subjects including: the history of hunting in Hungary; information on Hungarian wildlife such as anatomy, ecology and habitat; information on the written and unwritten rules and the different methods of hunting; as well as information on trophies and trophy measurement. The book provides a good overview of the organizational structure of hunting in Hungary along with maps of hunting grounds.


The Literary Prize was given to Maurice Von der Mühll, Switzerland, for his book “Comment l’esprit vint aux homes – Essai sur la chasse en préhistoire” (Spiritual development of man – Essay on hunting in prehistoric ages). This very readable book reveals the roots of our common passion for hunting based on an analysis of prehistoric findings. He describes the living conditions and the thinking of human and animals as well as the hunter’s psychology. It is interesting to note that the aims of the ancient hunter are not so dissimilar to the aims of the CIC. Hunting in prehistoric times was a tool to survive, nowadays recreational activity, but in many regions of the world it is still the only tool for sustainable development. Hunting accompanied mankind all over its development, and played a crucial role in the evolution of our practical intelligence. The Prize was presented to Nicolas de Buman on behalf of the author.


The Technical Prize was awarded for the book “Wildbret-Hygiene” (Venison Hygiene), written by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winkelmayer, Dr. Peter Paulsen, Dr. Peter Lebersorger and Hans-Friedemann Zedka, Austria. This book represents the most up-to-date publication on the hygienic aspects of processing game meat. It highlights the latest legal framework on international (EU) and national (Austria) level, data on microbiological issues and different considerations relating to disease affecting wildlife. The process is described from the taking of the game through to the preparation of the venison: how to examine the game on its health condition before taking; how to hunt and consideration of animal welfare, the impact of the hunting method on the venison; and finally how to gralloch the taken game. The Prize was presented to Martin Sturzeis on behalf of the authors.