Literature Award 2011
15 May 2011

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The awards were presented by Maria Fürstin zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, at the occasion of the 58th CIC General Assembly in Saint Petersburg.

Literary Prizes 2011

The CIC annually awards prizes for outstanding publications at the occasion of its General Assembly. The Jury consisted of CIC members from 6 countries and gives awards in 4 categories. The awards were presented by Maria Fürstin zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, President of the Literary Jury.

Technical Prize
A work about the research and science of huntable game.
Zelená čísla, Dr. Josef Feuereisel, (Czech Republic)

Artistic Prize
For exceptionally interesting and artistically valuable publications about huntable game.
Jagd in den Alpen. Wild (in Italian: Caccia nelle Alpi. Animali Selvatici)
Ingeborg Landthaler and Johann Waldner

Environmental Prize
The purpose of this prize is to award published educational works, which support the understanding of the needs of hunting, the hunters, environmental issues, as well as those of game and its natural habitat amongst the public.
Lar, the paradise I knew, Abdol Ali Yazdani (Iran)

The book is available in the CIC Shop.

Literary Prize
For hunting and nature adventures, which communicate the joy of hunting and nature not only to a small group of people but to a broad public.
Dignidad de la Caza, Marques de Laserna (Spain)