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Contact: Beatrix Bán

The “Diana” Club of Hungarian Lady Hunters was founded in 2003 as a separate section of the Hungarian Hunting Cultural Association. The Association is unique in the World in its main aim: to attend to and promote hunting traditions, and to support the art and literary imagery of nature.

The “Diana” Club gathers Hungarian ladies who share an interest in hunting. Since it’s establishment, the number of members has grown year on year, and today includes over 250 members.


The main objectives of the Club are:
– to improve the public opinion about hunting,
– to introduce children to the world of nature; to show and to teach them the reasons for hunting,
– to become an integral part of a hunter’s public life; to participate in the work of Hungarian National Chamber of Hunters and in various other hunting associations.

The main basis of the Club is the regional organisations which organize several programs for members in the region – hunts, picnics, shooting, conventions, etc.

In addition, we have also nationwide programs. Every year, on the first Saturday of February we organise the elegant hunter’s gala dinner: the Diana Ball. One of the outcomes of the Ball is of course that it guarantees financial recourses for our activities. Every year we are responsible for a kindergarten at FeHoVa (Hungarian Hunting, Fishing and Arms Exhibition): we organize interactive games, hunting-quizzes, handicraft trainings. Annually, we also organize the Diana Cup, a shooting competition for lady hunters. The competition provides a good opportunity for participants to brush up on their shotgun skills. Every autumn we organize a convention, with participation of professional presenters who help refresh our knowledge on hunting.

We are very proud of our artists. They cover many fields of art: painting, photography, ceramics, and jewellery. We also have members who play hunting horns and very successful bloodhound-owners: two of whom won the main bloodhound working trial, the Kaszó Cup (Reka Toth in 2007 and Zsuzsanna Dakay in 2011).

In the last 9 years we have demonstrated that we want and are able to work not only for the affairs of hunters but also for our own main objectives as well. We gladly await anybody who can help our active work or who simply wants to spend a good time with us.