Soňa Supeková: Hunting Traditions in Europe—The Way of Life for Hunters
10 April 2014

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The role of women in the field of hunting becomes increasingly important nowadays. In the eyes of the public the woman, the mother, is seen as the one giving life and not taking life! If a woman actively and competently  supports sustainable hunting as a basis for conservation – then her voice is indeed vital!  Luckily, the number of huntresses is increasing in European countries and the USA but also in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Every day sees the need to solve problems with the media and certain organizations which are not in favor of hunting. We have to explain the reasons behind what we are doing as hunters. Daily, we need to point  out  that we are at the forefront of wildlife conservation and that without sustainable hunting the future of game animals would be endangered. It is up to us to  present best practice examples, where  wildlife numbers are increasing thanks to well organized hunting management. Hunting, after all, is one of the oldest trade-crafts in history and  recognized as part of our human heritage and culture. Lady hunters can successfully promote a positive image of hunting and its benefits in the public. They can have an important influence on young people and children.

While in the USA, Soňa Supeková, vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Paneuropean University in Bratislava, and President of the Artemis Working Group of CIC gave an  introduction to these issues of woman hunters in Europe at the Center for Humans and Nature.

Please read the full article on the website of Center for Humans & Nature.