Fourth Exhibition of Animal, Hunting and Nature Artists
19 November 2014

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The “Exhibition of Animal, Hunting and Nature Artists” is coming up again. It is the 4th time that this undoubtedly important global event takes place at the Auteuil Racecourse in Paris, France from the 27-30 November 2014.

The French CIC Delegation is proud sponsor of the event. After last year’s chair, His Excellency Mr. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, long-standing member of the CIC and past President of the French Republic, Mr. Olivier Dassault, deputy in the French National Assembly will be the President of the Exhibition.

art_exhibitionAfter a hugely successful first exhibition in 2011 at the “Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature” (29 artists and 3,000 visitors), the third exhibition in 2013 was an even greater success (34 artists and almost 6,000 visitors). This year the numbers are still climbing, with a total of 48 exhibitors (14 new artists compared to 2013) and 7,000 expected visitors.

Amongst the highlights of this year’s programme are:

  • The Medal Awards Ceremony
  • The Official Opening of the Exhibition
  • An Afternoon of races at the Auteuil Racecourse

All 48 French and foreign contemporary artists who will be present at the event have been selected by a committee of experts and collectors. Artists will be presenting their most recent works throughout the duration of the exhibition.  For full details about the exhibition and a list of artists, please consult the following link.

The Exhibition is open to the public and entrance is free; however, participants MUST REGISTER in advance via the following link.