Cecil, the lion, a victim of poaching!
31 July 2015

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The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), a global organisation promoting the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources, is deeply concerned about the storm of misinformation of the public, which has been prompted by the illegal killing of a celebrity lion in Zimbabwe.

The ethical, sustainable hunting of wildlife (including trophy hunting) is recognised as an integral part of wildlife conservation policies and strategies[i]. The illegal taking of game is classified as poaching, a crime, condemned and fought against by enforcement agencies and the hunting community alike.

Cecil1The CIC supports and commends the Zimbabwe authorities and Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides’ Association for the swift actions in relation to the poaching of Cecil. Parties found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Vision of the CIC: A world that values and supports sustainable hunting for the benefit of people and nature.

Mission of the CIC: To promote – across the globe – sustainable hunting to conserve wildlife and wild lands, support communities and preserve our hunting heritage.

Further inquiries can be directed to: CIC Headquarters.

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The sustainable use of biological diversity is one of the three objectives set out in the first article of the Convention on Biological Diversity: https://www.cbd.int/convention/articles/default.shtml?a=cbd-01

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