Proceedings of the International Symposium „Exhibiting hunting?“ now available
22 September 2015

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There are many museums around the world dedicated to hunting. In the nature of their collections and their museographic choices, they express different conceptions of the relationship between humans and wildlife. While those responsible for designing them are pursuing artistic, naturalistic, or ethnographic goals, visitors’ perceptions are influenced by their own sensibilities and their relationship with hunting. As our modern societies lose contact with hunting, it may become necessary to modify the layout of collections as well as the interpretation material provided in order to educate audiences.

Exhibiting_hunting_logoThe different presentations of the symposium explain how hunting was shown through the ages and how these exhibitions could be used for political or other purposes. Presenters explored display techniques (social, historical, etc.) for the various types of hunting, taxidermy, photography, trophies, falconry and hunting culture. The conclusion was a round table discussion of four hunting museums (Germany, Finland, USA, and Denmark). 28 speakers discussed 21 topics with 4 moderated panel discussions on Hunting Museums.

The symposium was the result of the original project conceived by Alexandre Poniatowski, President of the Culture Division. His objective was to create synergies between all hunting and nature related museums worldwide in order to make them more attractive for the public.

​​To download the full proceedings (in French and English​) please follow the link.