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The Applied Science Division incorporates some of the projects and task of former CIC Commissions and Working Groups (i.e. Exhibition and Trophies, Big Game, Small Game, Tropical Game, Migratory Birds and Agri-Environmental Measures). Matters from these former commissions which relate to Policy and Law are handled by the CIC Division Policy & Law.

The Applied Science Division cooperates with the CIC Headquarter staff, the CIC Divisions Policy & Law and Culture, the regional CIC Coordination Forae and national CIC Delegations. The Division president and deputy president report to the organs of the CIC as defined in the CIC Statutes.

There is no doubt that a number of issues are cross divisional – it is therefore our stated objective to cooperate with all colleagues from the CIC divisions Policy and Law as well as Culture.

Division President:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Hackländer
Institute of Wildlife Biology & Game Management
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Gregor-Mendel-Str. 33, 1180
Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43-1-47654-83211;

Division Deputy-President:
Dr. Jacqueline Frair
Associate Professor, SUNY-ESF
Associate Director, Roosevelt Wild Life Station
Fellow, The Wildlife Society
Scientific Teaching Fellow (2016-17), National Academies of Science

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
257 Illick Hall, 1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, New York 13210

Voice:  +1 (315) 470-4905
FAX:  +1 (315) 470-6934
SKYPE:  jfrair

The Division Applied Science concentrates the work of interested volunteer CIC members and CIC staff, and collaborates closely with colleagues from other hunting associations as well as scientists, wildlife managers, conservation professionals and governmental agencies from around the world. CIC members interested in dedicating time and personal effort to the various projects are encouraged to contact the division president at