Save Wildlife: Act Now or Game Over – The CIC, as the voice of hunters
3 March 2016

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The CIC is present at the Save Wildlife: Act Now or Game Over conference held in The Hague , where the CIC is speaking up for more than 30 million hunters.

In the context of the World Wildlife Day, the Dutch EU Presidency has organized an international conference on wildlife crime from 1-3 March 2016. The conference aimed to bring together key stakeholders, including Ministers from the member states of European Union and from important wildlife range countries in Africa and Asia, international organizations, NGOs and private sector leaders, with the objective to find new solutions to tackle all aspect of wildlife crime, and to create dialogues. The event focused on two themes: sustainable livelihoods and economic development, and strengthening law enforcement.


On Thursday, the high level plenary panel explored how to combine adequately law enforcement and sustainable development efforts in order to address the root causes of wildlife crime, empower vulnerable groups, and save wildlife.

save_wildlife_conf1CIC President, Bernard Lozé underlined that „Namibia is calling for a profound situation analysis of poaching and the connection with the communities themselves expressing what they need and benefit.”

The CIC highlights the fact that hunters are not only the natural partners for combatting wildlife crime, but they also invest millions of euros every year for anti-poaching measures and mourning for the loss of lives of colleague hunters in the battle.