CIC Trophy Evaluation System training events – 2015
8 March 2016

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The first training events for the new CIC Trophy Evaluation System (TES) were organized in 2015, shortly after the new CIC Trophy Evaluation Handbook was approved by the CIC Executive Committee on November 20, 2014.

The execution of trophy measurements are the main focus of the training events, but the participants also become familiar with the TES as a whole. For example, the participants become familiar with how to register trophies in the CIC Trophy Evaluation Database, what are the requirements for a CIC International Gold Medal application, among other things.

In 2015, the Certified CIC Measurer network grew by 110 experts from 7 countries. This video shows the highlights of the training events carried out in Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Slovakia.

You can read more about the CIC TES here.