Photo Contest for CIC Members 2016
26 April 2016

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In 2016, the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) organized a photo competition which was open to all CIC Members, their families, and members of associations affiliated with the CIC.

There were three themes: Nature, Animals, and All Creation.

In the past, the CIC organized numerous international wildlife photography competitions at their General Assemblies. The CIC Prize Committee, on the proposal of the Culture Division, announced this year’s members’ contest in order to more actively involve the membership in the activities of the CIC, and to make their annual meeting more colorful. Wildlife photography is one of the best ways to show to the broader public the values and necessity of hunting and wildlife management. The themes were rather broadly selected in order to leave more space to the fantasy of the photographer.

The winners are as follows:




Oswald Schmid from Austria got the most votes from the participants of the 63rd General Assembly so he is the absolute winner and winner of a Leica binocular which was generously donated to the CIC. We thank Alexandre Poniatowski, President of the Culture Division to organize this fantastic prize!

The winners of the Nature and Animals categories – Christoph Burgstaller from Austria and Marco Schütte from Germany – received a copy of the new book „Time of Love“ written and photographed by CIC members, Eugène Reiter and Klaus Hackländer. The book can be purchased at the CIC Shop.