Sponsor a Saker – Global Action Plan for the Saker Falcon
4 July 2016

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Around the world saker falcon populations are falling and we need your help to find out why and to protect this amazing bird. The campaign was initiated by the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey. We can’t do this alone. Please sponsor a saker to save the saker falcon.

saker3The Saker Falcon has a relationship with humans going back more than 1000 years; however, the modern world has brought modern dangers and the population is declining rapidly. We need your help to find out why saker numbers are falling.

Why is the saker population declining?

The number of breeding pairs in the wild has dropped 50% in the last 25 years, and in some areas they have almost completely disappeared from places where they were once common. But, while we know that saker falcons face a range of problems that are all posing threats to their population we don’t yet know which of these has the biggest impact on the population.

A major threat to saker falcons is power lines which kill thousands of sakers and other birds of prey a year, many of them endangered species, as they perch on them. In Mongolia, more than 5 sakers were killed each year on every single kilometre of line!


In other areas declining prey populations have meant sakers have been unable to raise their young, while in other areas intentional poisoning by farmers is killing adult birds.


How can you help save the Saker Falcon and prevent these
avoidable deaths?

In order to understand what is causing the decline of saker falcon populations we first need to know where they go. Using satellite tracking on tagged birds will allow us to map their migration routes and identify the main cause of saker falcon deaths; however, satellite tags are very expensive as each one costs €1500.

We can’t do this alone; we need your help. Please donate to sponsor a saker and save the saker falcon. Your donation will help us understand the saker and will enable us to start targeted conservation projects that will save this amazing bird.

Falconers from around the world have spent decades working on projects to conserve the saker as part of the Saker Falcon Global Action Plan of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS), but we now can’t do this alone. We rely entirely on private donors to fund this project and we cannot do this without you! Please donate to save the saker falcon.

Watch the saker falcon migration as it happens

When you donate you will be given access to the satellite stream to be able to watch the saker migration online as it happens. We will also keep you updated with the conclusions of the study so you can see the impact your donation has had on the conservation of saker falcons.