Serbian-Romanian CIC Forum for Southeastern Europe
6 October 2016

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At the beginning of September, a joint Serbian – Romanian CIC Forum was organized in New Moldova, Romania with the aim to compare the negative effects that the bird hunting ban caused in Romania, on the Danube side, with the positive examples from the other side of the river, in Serbia, where hunting is still allowed. The high-level speakers stressed the need for conservation through hunting. They also underlined the importance of the sustainable use of wildlife resources and the contributions that hunters bring to conservation. Hunting can be an important conservation tool through the creation of financial incentives, particularly when the money is invested back into conservation, and is shared with local communities. In fact, well regulated hunting has no major effect on game, rather it may help bring back species from the edge of extinction.

Serbia_Romania_smallFormer CIC Vice President, Misha Perovic from Belgrade represented the CIC on behalf of Toni Vrscaj and headed the Serbian delegation: Urosh Djokovich, President of the Serbian Hunting Association Assembly, Tomica Radosavljevich, President of The Serbian Central Hunting Association, Miodrag Strnad, Councilor at the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, and  Sveta Madzarevich, a former diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

The CIC Romanian delegation was chaired by the Romanian Head of Delegation, Valeriu Bolgiu. The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture was represented by Adam Craciunescu, Deputy Minister, and Petre Gargarea, from the Hunting Department. Ion Chisalita, Mayor of the city of New Moldova, Jozsef Benke, Director of the Hunting Association Zetelaka, Cosmin Maris, CIC member from the University of Timisoara, and many other hunters attended the meeting.

The CIC encourages all national delegations to foster  cross-border dialogues for the recognition of hunting as the principal basis for the protection of wildlife. These meetings, and the cross border international activities of CIC members, promote the implementation of sustainable hunting as a tool for improving the quality of biodiversity.

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