An evening discussion on sustainable hunting
29 March 2018

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An evening about sustainable hunting with Béla Hidvégi was organized by the SZIE Wildife Conservation Institute Gödöllő, CIC Young Opinion Hungary, and SZIE Marketing Course on March  28th in the Wildlife Conservation Institute.

About 50 people, including both international and Hungarian students, non-hunters, and other guests were interested in Mr. Béla Hidvégi’s experiences, adventures, and advice. The main issue and message of the interactive lecture was to stand up against anti-hunters and educate both kids and adults about the sustainable use of wildlife.


Thanks to Mr. Béla Hidvégi for sharing his very limited time with us – even though he just arrived home from a hunting trip.

A big thanks also goes out to Dr. Sándor Csányi (Director of the Institute), Dr. Miklós Heltai (Vice-Director of the Institute), and Dr. István Fehér (Leader of the Marketing Course) for making it possible.

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