International Conference for Huntresses, Bečej Serbia
7 September 2018

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On August 25-26, 2018, the 6th International Ladies’ Hunting Conference and Ladies’ Ball, supported by the CIC, were held in Bečej, Serbia, The traditional three-day event attracted 50 ladies from seven countries –Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and the host country, Serbia. The 6th International Ladies Hunting Conference was organized by the Damski lovački klub Bečej (Ladies Hunting Club of Bečej), and was led by the well-known huntress Mrs. Sanja Momčilović-Bognič. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) was represented by dr. Imrich Suba, the President of the CIC Coordination Forum for Central and Eastern Europe.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss different hunting methods in different countries and to share best practices in the framework of scientific lectures on various topics. The main theme of the discussions was wolves. Chairman of the LU, Jovan Šerbanović from Žagubica, and doc. Dr. Branislav-Bane Živković talked about the population of wolves, wildlife, and hunting in Serbia, particularly in the Homolje region. Mrs. Sanja Momčilovič Bognič introduced the Encyclopedia for Young Hunters.

In addition to its motivational role, the Encyclopedia has an educational and ethical role, in its sections devoted to hunting behavior, hunting codes, and hunting ethics.

This is to instill these values in the development of children’s characters so that later, as adults and mature hunters, they can pass on these traits to future generations. In this sense, and in light of all of the above, the creation of the Encyclopedia for Young Hunters can be understood as a strategic undertaking which requires time and dedication to implement. Each year new generations of children can be reconnected with nature and learn respect for nature, social laws, rules of behavior, and care for wildlife. They can participate in the work of hunting organizations in the continued development of best practices of hunting, inspired by their knowledge and understanding of hunting in Serbia.  The content of the Encyclopedia for Hunting Youth is divided into several thematic units, which together form the complete basis for the education of the future hunter. It is written in accordance with the laws of nature and society, in the interest of conserving wildlife, hunting grounds, and the sustainable management of those resources.

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