1st WICAC Workshop Prague, Czech Republic 2006


FAO Forestry Department organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the Czech National FAO Committee, the Czech Forestry and Game Management Research Institute and the CIC – International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation a workshop with the theme “Wildlife Policy and Institutions for Sustainable Use and Conservation of Wildlife Resources”. The workshop was held from 11 to 15 September 2006 and took place at Czech University of Agriculture (CUA) in Prague (Czech Republic), Faculty of Forestry and Environment.

The purpose of the wildlife policy workshop was to review current and emerging issues facing the development of the wildlife sector in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Mongolia, discuss policy implications and identify practical policy options for action.

To enable the exchange of information and experiences among CIS countries and Mongolia, the participants were requested to prepare Country Issue Reports and make them available before the meeting.


Participation of identified experts in wildlife issues was requested from selected FAO member countries to prepare and present national reports at the workshop and to participate in its working sessions. Participants were sought from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries from Caucasus and Central Asia (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and from Mongolia. It was composed of representatives of the state administration responsible for wildlife management and representatives of hunting federations, hunting associations or projects dealing with wildlife management. Observers from European institutions and relevant international organizations were also invited (e.g. IUCN, WWF, TRAFFIC, IUCN European Sustainable Use Specialist Group (IUCN-ESUSG), IGF, etc.). Resource persons were coming from the FAO as well as the CIC. In total 32 participants from 15 countries came together to share their experiences, exchange ideas, review current and emerging issues in wildlife policy and identify strategic actions toward sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources.


The following outputs were produced:

  • shared respective information and knowledge through the production and sharing of country reports, panel presentations and working groups discussion,
  • improved understanding of current and emerging policy issues facing the development of national or sub-regional wildlife sector as well as the stakeholder situation,
  • identified practical policy options for tackling priority issues,
  • project outlines were formulated by participating countries to facilitate the implementation of identified policy options and the integration of the wildlife sector within national development strategies, considering a possible cooperation with the FAO.

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Report of the joint FAO-CIC workshop