Hunting in Art

The Division Culture has given itself the objective to study, to discover and to make a census of the riches of worldwide hunting of which the cultural treasures, so varied by country and the passage of time, are undoubtedly the witnesses of hunting as an essential tradition of mankind throughout the ages.

In fact the oldest witnesses of human culture derive from hunting. Nature and hunting have inspired artists since the dawn of time. They have expressed themselves through painting, sculpture, music and literature. The appreciation of these art forms has always united peoples of different cultures.

The Division Culture aims to contribute to greater tolerance as well as a better understanding of nature and of hunting by arranging events which promote these art forms.

Guided by this vision the Commission pursues the following activities

  • Organizes cultural excursions and symposia on a biannual basis to places of interest in order to show how hunting belongs to our common cultural heritage.
  • Arranges concerts, lectures, art exhibits and auctions with the aim of disseminating hunting culture while raising funds to support causes advancing the concept of sustainable hunting.
  • Creates and maintains contacts with other cultural institutions with the aim of transporting positive cultural values derived from hunting activities to a larger public.
  • Publishes and keeps updated catalogues of public and private collections of hunting culture.