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27 August 2014

Press release – 4 July 2014

Wild plants enrich biodiversity! – Can they meet the energy needs of the future?

Since 2013, the Hunter’s Association of Lower Saxony examined whether wild plants can be a practice-relevant energy source for the increasing energy demand of the future. It is investigated whether the biogas production can be linked more closely with the objectives of the species-and nature protection. In addition, several projects have been introduced to minimize the risk for wildlife while mowing.

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Press release – 28 April 2014

Rich in species and climate-friendly!

In collaboration with farmers the network “Netzwerk Lebensraum Feldflur” developed a practical guide for the cultivation of wild plants. The brochure can be ordered free of charge by mail or phone +49 40 73339 1878.

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Press release – 20 March 2014

The survival of juvenile wildlife is promoted by the cultivation of wild plants for biogas production.

Due to the barren landscape in spring hatchlings and eggs are an easy target for predators. An increased cultivation of native wild plants for biogas production offers optimal conditions for the rearing of young animals in the otherwise barren landscape. Unlike corn, wild plants mixtures can be harvested for several years and do not have to be re-sown every spring.

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Expert advice

“Netzwerk Lebensraum Feldflur” obtains expert advice on the efficiency of wild plants mixtures for the production of renewable energy.

The network has commissioned the BB Göttingen GmbH with an opinion on the efficiency of cultivation of wild plants mixtures for the production of energy. Based on this opinion, the level of funding of agri-environmental measures can be developed.

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