Join the CIC at the World Parks Congress in Sydney!
1 September 2014

In just over two months the CIC will be participating in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Parks Congress. Since our last update in the CIC Magazine 2014/1, we are now delighted to announce the exciting final schedule of events which the CIC is involved with.

The IUCN Work Parks Congress will take place from November 12–19, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. This congress is the landmark global forum on protected areas, a hugely important topic for the CIC and indeed the hunting community in general. Hunting and fishing in and around protected areas may be a controversial subject for some protectionists, but as hunter-conservationists we know better and have excellent pro-use arguments. The CIC team are more than ready to co-host the session on November 15th “Protected Areas and Sustainable Hunting and Fishing” with the Food and Agricultural Organization on the United Nations (FAO). This event promises to be an engaging, challenging, and lively gathering. The session will serve to highlight not only how the ecosystems and the associated fauna within and surrounding protected areas can benefit from regulated sustainable use, but equally important how the local communities in and around these areas reap economic and socio-cultural benefits from sustainable use. Indeed, a win-win situation is achievable for ecosystems and rural populations based on these triple benefits. The CIC is pleased to announce the planned expert panel discussion on this topic, to be held during the session. The participants are not only experts at the forefront of their respective fields of expertise, but they will represent views from all over the world: Africa, Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North and South America.

In order to further highlight these synergies, and gain some hands-on experience on both the hunting and fishing aspects of this topic, the CIC, together with the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) have planned two field trips, which are sure to enhance understanding of the topic on many levels. These field trips, each one-day, will provide participants with practical experience of the relationship between protected area management and the sustainable use of resources, all in a relaxed setting:

  • An insight into Traditional Sustainable Use Strategies and Livelihoods in Ku-ring-gai Chase
    National Park (11 November, 2014)

NP1    NP2

  • Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): An Asset for the Recreational Fishing Industry (20 November, 2014)

Fishing2    Fishing1

For further information on the organization of the trips, the learning objectives and the booking details, please consult the official website of the congress.

The CIC is also pleased to announce the addition of another event on November 14th, in conjunction with the Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW). This event will serve to launch the CPW Fact Sheet series. The fact sheets were put together by the CIC and other CPW partners with the aim of raising awareness on sustainable wildlife management (SWM) in relation to a wide variety of multi-disciplinary topics such as biodiversity, wildlife trade, and food security & livelihoods. The CIC undertook the task of developing a fact sheet on SWM and hunting. These fact sheets serve to provide practitioners, stakeholders, and the media with a better understanding of the importance of wildlife management, the associated challenges, and potential solutions.

Both CIC members and non-members alike are warmly invited to attend this congress and to show their support for hunting in and around parks and protected areas. To assist you in exploring both the land Down Under and the topics in question, we strongly recommend registering for the CIC’s two action packed field trips in sustainable hunting and fishing. For more information, including registration, visit the official website of the congress: See you there!