Werner Trense: A Life and Legend
21 April 2015

Almost at the same hour of the opening of the “Deer of the World” exhibition, his unique and extensive antler collection, in the Springe Hunting Castle, Werner Trense (93) passed away in peace at his residence near Munich.

Werner Trense was many years Secretary General of the CIC and he started to turn the CIC from an international circle of friends of passionate hunters into a globally recognized, science-based organization of post-war times. He was also instrumental in recruiting hunters from behind the iron curtain.

His merit in the re-discovery of the Mesopotamian fallow deer in Iran are internationally renowned. He brought from two difficult expeditions live catches to the private zoo of Georg von Opel, which was then the basis of the reintroduction of this deer species, which was considered extinct.

The CIC loses with Werner Trense a very much valued friend who was until very recently strongly connected to the aims of the CIC. We owe him very much and we will sorely miss him.

Johann Daniel Gerstein from the CIC German Delegation wrote a beautiful tribute to Mr. Trense. You may find it here in German.


Werner Trense pictured with his hunting companions, Bavarian Mountain Hound Hussah and Cheetah Damba, in Angola (ca. 1962)