Wild und Hund Exklusiv – Hare, Pheasant, Partridge – right hunting, right management – CIC support to the practice guideline booklet for small game hunters
26 May 2015

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Populations of pheasant, partridge, and hare are declining. The smaller the populations get, the more hunters lose focus on these species. The common sense measures, with which the huntsmen previously helped the partridges to fly and the hares to run, are falling into oblivion.

WILD UND HUND together with the German Delegation of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) decided to counteract these declines. Scientists and experienced practitioners compiled a list of guidelines for small game hunters, showing what really helps. How do you evaluate your hunting ground? Which cover structures need to be preserved and which ones are to be established? How do you plan your hunting year, and how much game could be harvested without harming the population? How can you rescue the nests, and how do you support your game birds in periods of food scarcity? Concentrated knowledge is the strength of this booklet, which is a must-read for all hunters who like classical small game hunting.

Check out the book at: www.wildundhund-exklusiv.de. Here you can also order the special edition.

“Hase, Fasan, Rebhuhn – Richtig jagen, richtig hegen” is available now in bookshops.