CIC praises auctioned black rhino hunt as a great support to rhino conservation in Namibia
1 June 2015

On Monday, 18 May, Corey Knowlton’s three-day long hunt for a black rhino in Namibia ended. In what were described as “treacherous conditions” with little to no visibility at times, Mr. Knowlton and his guides successfully tracked a rhino that the Namibian government had marked for taking. This rhino was past reproductive age and was actually counterproductive to population growth due to increased territoriality which even resulted in him killing a younger male earlier in the year.

The hunt, which raised $350,000 for the Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia’s Black Rhino at a Dallas Safari Club auction in January of 2014, was in the spotlight in US media for much of the year as anti-hunters and animal rights activists rallied against Mr. Knowlton and the Dallas Safari Club, a CIC member organization. The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States had to become involved as the severity of the threats increased. Despite the criticism, Corey Knowlton stayed true to the principles of sustainable use and his role in the conservation of nature and made a huge move to educate the public by inviting CNN reporter Ed Lavandera along with him to experience the hunt. CNN published a short video of the experience that was captured by Mr. Lavandera. See the video on the CNN website.

“The funds raised at the auction and Corey Knowlton’s hunt are a great push for the conservation of black rhino in Namibia, which are under increasing pressure from poachers. They are also a recognition for the local communities who are looking after the rhinos as much as they can,” commented CIC President Bernard Lozé. The CIC applauds the Dallas Safari Club for giving this great opportunity for hunters to show their support of conservation in Namibia as well as contribute to the science-based population management.