The CIC is celebrating World Wildlife Day 2016 and the launch of the Glossary of Wildlife Management Terms and Definitions
3 March 2016

CIC welcomes this year’s motto of WWD: “The future of wildlife is in our hands”, as wildlife populations in today’s anthropogenic landscapes cannot survive without human’s interactions. The CIC, as the advocate of the hunting community, strongly supports the sustainable use of wildlife as an important tool for conservation.


CBD Executive Secretary Braulio F. de Souza Dias, in his message emphasizes that

“The conservation and sustainable use of wildlife is therefore a critical component of sustainable development, and should be part of a comprehensive approach to achieving poverty eradication, food security and sustainable livelihoods.”

To celebrate World Wildlife Day 2016, The Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW) launches the Glossary of Wildlife Management Terms and Definitions. This online resource aims to raise awareness of the diverse usage and meanings of technical terms related to wildlife management and conservation.

For further information, please read the CPW Press release.