“Hunting creates passion”… for or against hunting
26 April 2016

Keynote speech by Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the European Commission

As a keynote speaker of the Opening Ceremony, Jyrki KatainenVice-President of the European Commission, addressed the audience  of the 63rd General Assembly of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) in Brussels on 22nd of April, 2016.

The Commissioner for Job, Growth, Investment, and Competitiveness, and an active hunter, highlighted that being a hunter requires “Responsibility, Sustainability and Transparency”. He called upon hunters and organizations to make the most of the force they represent. “We should work together on our common conservation goals.” 

He approached the topic of conservation hunting from the perspective of the European Commission by mentioning the Habitats Directive, which has set different levels of protection in different states. He also pointed out that Sustainable hunting initiatives under the Birds Directive of the European Commission are to foster constructive dialogue between hunters and environmentalists. The Commissioner also underlined the importance of cooperation and mentioned the EU platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores, which was signed by eight stakeholder organizations, including the CIC in 2014.

Listen to Jyrki Katainen’s speech