Cyn’Actions Biodiv’ – New French Hunting Application
6 July 2016

The French National Hunting Federation launched a new interactive map, which tracks contributions made to biodiversity.

This  new tool, the Cyn’Actions Biodiv’, is dedicated to field actors, such as hunters, to measure their positive footprint on biodiversity and show their contribution to its preservation.

Information exchange and feedback

The first objective of the application is to facilitate the exchange of information and to give feedback between the federations. All groups of flora and fauna are listed, from the huntable and protected ones to exotic species.

One app, three tools

The application has three tools, two of which are devoted only to the federations in order to establish  a common database, which is updated regularly. In a fast and convenient manner, it facilitates the research and the mobilization of information for investigations, publications, studies, etc.

The third tool was created in the form of an interactive map dedicated to the public with points that localize the various actions carried out by those who are working in the field on the federation or community lands.


Interactive map available to the public

You can access the interactive map by visiting the website of the FNC or via tablet or smartphone by downloading the application , Cyn’Actions Biodiv’, which is filled with numerous functions such as meeting the selection criteria according to the chosen themes: habitats, species, and policies. You can find the locations on the various federation and community lands.

This collaborative project is part of a desire to lead a true participatory co-construction approach, which positions hunters as major actors in the conservation of biodiversity, guardians of the environment and protectors of our natural heritage.

The CIC congratulates to FNC on the development of this new application and encourages other countries to follow the example.

Read the original French language press release here.