New Head of the Dutch Delegation
1 August 2016

Roelf H. de Boer, born on October 9, 1949 in Rotterdam, started hunting with his father when he was 6 years old and got his own hunting license in 1965. Starting with small game hunting in the Netherlands, his scope broadened over time to big game and, in geographical terms, towards Germany and Scotland. After 50 years, Roelf de Boer changed his rifle for a camera and shoots only photos nowadays. However, through this new passion he is still in strong contact with hunting. From 2012 to 2015, he was President of the Royal Dutch Hunters Association (KNJV). During this period, there was significant political pressure to ban small game hunting in the Netherlands, however, in no small part due to Roelf de Boer’s tireless work as KNJV president, this did not happen. In 2014, Roelf de Boer became a member of the Dutch CIC Delegation and since August 1, 2016 he has taken over the position of Head of Delegation from Klaus von Chrismar.

After his career in logistical services, Roelf de Boer was appointed as Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, and as Vice Prime Minister in 2002. Currently he is working as board member and advisor to several companies in the Netherlands.


Roelf de Boer (left) with Klaus von Chrismar