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17 August 2016

Handbook of the Mammals of the World – Volume 6 (Lagomorphs and Rodents I)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hackländer (Deputy President of the CIC Applied Science Division) and his post-doc Dr. Stéphanie Schai-Braun contributed to the new volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World. It focuses on lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, and pikas) as well as rodents.

This volume includes some 35 families, which have spread around the globe, occupying every continent except Antarctica, and countless islands in all of the major oceans. Like in the previous volumes, the text includes up-to-date information on every species, and each species is illustrated. Each family account includes color photographs documenting a variety of behaviors of these diverse and interesting mammals.

Klaus    Klaus2

“Hunter in Wonderland” – new book of fairy tales dedicated to the hunter

This new book of fairy tales was published in Italy, with the contribution of Assoc.
Prof. Dr. Soňa Chovanová Supeková, President of the Working Group Artemis of the CIC, who introduced the “Hunter in Wonderland” on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the WaSH Conference at the University of Wageningen Netherlands.

With lexical simplicity and funny drawings, children learn the truth about hunting and are introduced to the topic “biodiversity”. The tales try to explain some paradoxical situations that we got used to by consumerism that caused an estrangement from nature and environmental sustainability.”

More information about the group can be found here.

Mr. Michl Ebner, President of FACE – Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU, contributed the preface for the German version; and the CIC and FACE were delighted to have given institutional patronage to the book.

hunter_in_wonderland_book   preface    Supekova