The IV International Hunting Ladies Conference in Serbia
26 August 2016

The IV International Hunting Ladies Conference organized by the Damski Lovacki Klub (Ladies Hunting Club), was held in Becej, Serbia last weekend. The main theme of the event was the women’s role in hunting. The opening ceremony was celebrated with a prom on Friday, where all of the huntresses were greeted by a member of the club, which played lovely music later. The participants had the opportunity to listen to a presentation about the habitat of the quail and the traditions of hunting. Hunting enthusiasts from 7 countries attended this event – Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Serbia.

At midnight, in the raffle, besides more than 130 presents being awarded, one lucky hunter won a wolf hunt and another one won a shoot in Canada for some waterfowl species.

The next morning’s program was a quail hunt which is a huge tradition in Serbia. It was interesting to see how necessary it is to have good pointing dogs in the hunt – dogs have to search close to the beaters, point firmly, and have an excellent nose to find the birds. Besides the popular Kurzhaars and Vizslas, some Golden and Labrador Retrievers, and Brittany and English Springer Spaniels worked on the shoot.

Attendees could also try the “Šicara”, which is a traditional Serbian shooting game. The winner of the competition was an extremely young huntress from Serbia who practices clay shooting.

Unfortunately, due to the delayed ripening of sunflower seeds, the Eurasian collared dove hunt was cancelled.

A dinner closed the day, where an excellent group of Tambura players from Backa entertained everyone with their folk music.

On Sunday morning, another quail hunt was organized, mainly for those who didn’t have the chance to shoot anything the day before. A delicious brunch followed, and closed the eventful weekend.

Summary of the meeting and photos by Orsolya Nagy (Young Opinion)

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