Tajikistan: CIC Markhor Award winners in the dialogue on sustainable hunting
23 November 2016

George Aman, President of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), welcomed the outcome of the first “round table” on sustainable hunting in Tajikistan:

“The management and hunting of the Marco Polo Sheep, Markhor, and Ibex has contributed a lot to increase the populations of these species, and with that the number of large carnivores, such as the snow leopard. The CIC welcomes the fact that there are now community-based hunts in Tajikistan. This is truly a win–win situation for all, and is fully in line with the recommendations of the last CITES CoP, according to which the local population should also benefit from hunting tourism. “


During the two day event, nearly 80 representatives of the community-based and private hunting sectors, the government, scientific institutions, and international organizations had debated the future of hunting tourism in Tajikistan. The CIC was represented by the President of the Policy and Law Division, Heli Siitari.

The conference ended with an unanimous resolution on the further development of the hunting system, in collaboration with all interested stakeholders, which was expressly recognized by the CIC.


“The round table was an important step forward to strengthen sustainable hunting in Tajikistan and the important role that rural communities can play,” said Heli Siitari. “This is for the protection of species, for economic development, and for the livelihoods in the countryside.”

Two years ago, the Tajik hunting cooperatives had received the prestigious Markhor Prize of the CIC at the World Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Korea. The Award honors successful conservation efforts in the protection of bio-diversity by the sustainable use of natural resources, especially through hunting.

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