CIC booklet dedicated to game meat
1 March 2017

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The Italian Delegation of the CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) and the Associated Study AlpVet have published an information booklet by Patrizia Cimberio of great interest dedicated to the game meat. The title of the book is “Natural Game & Good. A choice of ethical and sustainable“. In a few words, this work was designed to illustrate that the choice of wild game meat is more etnical, sustainable, and less environmentay damaging than store bought meat. It is a true re-evaluation of a traditional product that maintains environmental balances.

You can download the booklet by clicking on the picture above

The hope is that more and more people become familiar with one of the many aspects of hunting that is often ignored: the  importance of the quality of food. This booklet provides an essential contribution from this point of view. The meat in question is ethical because it is not subject to any pharmacological treatment and allows for the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a reduction in land and water use.

Among other things, wild game meat is a “bio- renewable resource”, because it is naturally produced and of high quality. The final product is safe, healthy, and of vital importance to sustainability.

Source: World of Hunting

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