The CIC is honoured to welcome Georgia among its State Members!
29 August 2017

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The CIC is pleased to announce that by declaration sent to the CIC President, Georgia has become the 29th State Member of the CIC, represented by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Protection of Georgia.


Wildlife in Georgia

The wildlife in Georgia is fairly diverse considering its size, but the small country moves from alpine mountains to the sub-tropical Black Sea coast giving numerous geological and meteorological variations.

Over hundred mammals, 330 birds, 48 reptiles, 11 amphibians, and 160 fish species have been recorded in Georgia. The country’s fauna combines European, Central Asian, and North African elements and includes a large variety of invertebrates: insects, arachnids, myriapods, crustaceans, and worms.

The alpine and sub-alpine zones are populated with two species of wild ox, Daghestanian and Caucasian, both of which are indigenous to the Caucasus.

The birds found in the alpine and forested zones include the Caucasian jackdaw, black grouse, pheasant, pigeon, woodcock, curlew, cuckoo, kingfisher and etc. The rivers are homes to trout, barbell, sazan (a type of carp) and occasionally pike and river perch.

The endangered goitered gazelles, wild boar, roe and other deer roam the lowlands of eastern Georgia. The dwarf shrew (also endangered) lives in Tbilisi area. The Iorian plateau supports a population of partridges and pheasants.

The lowlands of Western Georgia feature extremely diverse fauna. Mammals include the hedgehog, mole shrew, horseshoe bat and various other rodents.

The common and bottle-nosed dolphin and the porpoise populate the Black Sea coast, while its fish includes shark, ray beluga, Russian and Atlantic sturgeon, Black Sea salmon, khamsa, herring, dogfish, flounder, and swordfish.

Georgians have started protecting their rare and indigenous fauna. Game reserves have been opened in Lagodekhi, Borjomi, Saguramo, Ritsa, and Kintrishi.

Georgia also represents an example of a country empowered by conscious and sustainable conservation practices. The CIC is very proud to welcome Georgia amongst it’s State Members!

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