Welcome to the CIC 65th General Assembly
09 February 2018

65th CIC General Assembly

Hunting: Facts or Fables?

May 3rd-5th 2018 – Madrid (Spain)


Welcome to Madrid

Dear Fellow CIC Members,

The Spanish Delegation is very pleased and honored to host the next CIC General Assembly in Madrid on the 4th and 5th of May, 2018.

Spain is leading the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves with 48 protected areas reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. Spain pioneered the protection of large areas for wildlife management –including hunting – with the National Game Reserves established since 1966.  As many of you have experienced, Spain is simply a hunting paradise that follows the best principles of sustainability.

“Hunting: facts or fables?”  is the  motto of this annual meeting where we hope to see a large number of members of each National Delegation come together with government officials, scientists, and representatives of many other conservation organizations. With such an ambitious motto, separating facts from fables about hunting, the Organizing Committee has been inspired to work hard to offer a very instructive program with take-home value, exciting off-site activities, and enjoyable socials.

At the time of conceiving this event, we decided to challenge our imagination to give all attendees not only the annual occasion of interacting with  members from other Delegations, but also a glimpse of the best of the Spanish character by highlighting our history, culture, and traditions.

We hope to honor the saying that in Spain “everything is under the sun” and very much look forward to seeing you all in Madrid!

Luis de la Peña

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