New CIC State Member – the Republic of Malta
16 August 2019

The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) is delighted to announce that the Republic of Malta has joined the CIC, through the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development & Climate Change.

The Maltese Islands are an important stepping stone for birds migrating along the route of the European-African migratory flyway. As such, Malta is a nation that has had deep cultural ties with the hunting of migratory birds since the 19th century. The inhabitants of Malta, as elsewhere in the world, originally hunted birds for sustenance and these hunting practices have been passed down through generations ever since, instilling a deeply rooted tradition amongst its inhabitants.

Today, Malta is dedicated to preserving these traditions whilst ensuring that the best principles of sustainable use are implemented by all stakeholders in the region. Malta’s Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animals Rights, who will represent Malta within the CIC, has emphasized the importance of supporting the judicious use towards conservation of migratory birds.

Malta has made great efforts to comply with the provisions of the European Union (EU) and international conventions, including the EU Birds Directive, Bern Convention and Bonn Convention. In addition, the government provides grants to NGOs that seek to conduct projects that directly contribute to the conservation of birds through the ‘Conversation of Wild Birds Funding Scheme’ inaugurated in 2017. The scheme funds projects that; contribute to sustainable hunting governance, aid the conservation of avifauna species and habitats and educational projects related to the conservation of wild birds.

These aims fit well with the CIC’s core focus on advocating the role that the sustainable use of wildlife plays in conservation, underpinned by scientific, socio-political and cultural considerations. Malta embraces and works towards the same values to which the CIC ascribes. We are honored to count Malta among the growing list of State Members of the CIC. We are looking forward to working together with the Maltese Government and the wider CIC membership in Malta to further promote the principles of conservation through sustainable use of birds throughout the Mediterranean region.

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