Obituary Jean Louis Chavane de Dalmassy
15 June 2020

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Jean Louis Chavane de Dalmassy was born in Paris in 1929, but his real roots come from Haute-Saône, in the foothills of the Vosges.

Notary by métier in Paris, but his real passion, and family tradition, was hunting.

A real hunter and jurist, who shared his vision of the world by getting involved in the establishment and management of national and international hunting organizations:

-the Saint Hubert Club de France where he was administrator,

-the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, where he was treasurer, legal advisor, and Head of the French delegation.

He was also notary, supporting many entities, such as the Conseil supérieur de la chasse, the Office National de la Chasse, the International Foundation for Wildlife Conservation (IGF), where he also drafted its statutes, and furthermore the Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature.

Those who knew him remember him as a warm and charming man, expressing his convictions with force!

Hunting took him from Morocco to South Africa, from Texas to Argentina, from Tibet to Iran, not forgetting, of course, Europe.

May Saint Hubert and Diane accompany him.

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