CIC and Hunter & Co. Formalise Their Collaboration
24 June 2020

The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) is proud to announce a new cooperation agreement with Hunter & Co. and their mobile hunting application ‘MyHunt.’ The Munich based company brings together hunters, software developers and nature enthusiasts, whose shared vision is made possible through the MyHunt mobile app, a “faithful companion that is always by the hunter’s side, providing assistance with all hunting processes, allowing hunters to simply go out and enjoy nature.”

Hunter & Co. and the CIC share many the same values, and the cooperation agreement will see both organisations assist one another in order to achieve their respective goals. For the CIC, this means ensuring the conservation of wildlife through sustainable use, safeguarding natural habitats and local communities, and the preservation of cultures and traditions linked to nature. Hunters play a crucial role in each of these. The aim of Hunter & Co. is to deliver a mobile application for hunters which is easy-to-use and responsive to the needs of hunters internationally. With members in more than 80 countries across all five continents, and global conservation activities, the CIC has vast international experience, knowledge and networks which could assist.

President of the CIC, George Aman praised the initiative, stating, “We are excited to see this cooperation agreement come to fruition, and it is something that we are confident will bring value to both organisations, including CIC members and users of the MyHunt app.”

Hunter & Co. will be launching a new communication platform within the MyHunt app, allowing the CIC and its partners to bring app users the latest hunting and conservation news and content from around the world. Those that would like to support the work of the CIC will be able to donate through the MyHunt app, thereby helping the CIC to further its goals and to continue to develop insightful content for all app users.

The CIC will be supporting Hunter & Co. in their efforts to expand their services internationally, with the aim of increasing the number of active users around the world. By leveraging the CIC’s extensive network of National Delegations, Regional Coordination Fora, and Divisions, we will look to assist Hunter & Co. in the development of regionally responsive app features, in order to respond to the needs of hunters in different countries.

The CIC is delighted to have formalised our collaboration with Hunter & Co. and is looking forward to working closely together.

What is MyHunt?

MyHunt is the app made by hunters, for hunters. The team had a simple vision – to bring hunters together and to make the preparation and follow up work that goes into hunting easier. MyHunt is the faithful companion that is always by the hunter’s side, providing assistance with all hunting processes, allowing hunters to simply go out and enjoy nature.

Hunter & Co. is based in Munich, and is made up of a small team of hunters, software developers and nature lovers. Their journey started with a vision for the app in May, 2018. Two years later, they have amassed over 200,000 downloads, and they are continuing to expand internationally to bring their services to hunters around the world.

For more information, please see the Hunter & Co. website:

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