Helping Wildlife and Our Friends in Namibia
10 July 2020

The Namibian Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) has recently started an initiative, the NAPHA Conservation Pin. This pin is a symbol of their continued support of conservation in all its facets. By supporting this initiative, you too can become a valuable link in the conservation chain. To honour and celebrate 46 years of NAPHA’s conservation endeavours and the promotion of sustainable utilisation, NAPHA has undertaken this initiative to raise funds to advance and sustain Namibian conservation. Enshrined in the Namibian Constitution is the sustainable use of its natural resources. This was the first of its kind in the world. This declaration is further reiterated in the aims of the association. NAPHA is an association of members supporting a common goal.

Over the years NAPHA actively supported various research and scientific data projects; to name a few – rabies in kudu, genome sequencing, establishing the rangeland of blackfaced impala, as well as undertaking a two-year leopard survey. It has supported and facilitated undergraduate studies. It supports education, both in rural and urban areas and advocates the importance of ethical and sustainable hunting. It enjoys an open-door policy and dialogue with its line Ministry, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, when addressing legislative and policy matters.

NAPHA’s attendance and participation on various international platforms like CITES, the AWCF, CIC, DSC, SCI, Conservation Force as well as domestic and regional affiliates and stakeholder NGO’s, has been instrumental and attributed to cumulative efforts to secure Namibia’s vast habitat, fauna and flora.

The pin, cast in antique silver, is the silhouette of Namibia and adorned with a topaz. This precious stone is typically colourless (silver) or pale blue, consisting of an aluminium silicate that contains fluorine and is found in the Erongo Mountain Range. Like antique silver, our ancient land has withstood the test of time, and not only against the elements, but also human interventions. With Namibia’s wildlife and habitat being constantly confronted by human adversity, it warrants vigilant custodianship. Such vigilance comes at a high price. With the topaz symbolizing healing, hope and abundance, it was the obvious choice to include this Namibian gem in the pin along with an engraving of the majestic kudu, NAPHA’s emblem.

The pin will become available at the end of June with two donation options available:

Habitat 1
For NAD 4,800 (Euro 240.00 or USD 270.00) you will receive a NAPHA CONSERVATION PIN with a topaz gemstone and a 24-month subscription to our weekly news update, keeping you informed of developments in Namibia, as well as a copy of our annual HuntiNamibia magazine in either English or German.

Habitat 2
For NAD 2,400 (Euro 120.00 or USD 135.00) you will receive a NAPHA CONSERVATION PIN without a topaz gemstone and a 12-month subscription to our weekly news update, keeping you informed, as well as a copy of our annual HuntiNamibia magazine in either English or German.

Orders can be placed by completing the Order Form and returning it to
Download the German Text here.


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