50 Cases of Hate Crime Following Abuse on Hunter’s Social Media
29 September 2020

50 individuals have been convicted of hate crimes, after abusive language was used in comments responding to a Facebook post uploaded by a female hunter in Germany.

The original post, which was first uploaded over two years ago, includes a picture of the hunter standing next to a dead fox. Fox hunting is permitted is Germany and many other countries, as it plays a key role in tackling prey depletion, particularly for bird populations.

Despite this, the post went viral, amassing significant negative attention and over 5,000 comments to date.

While cases are still ongoing, 50 of the abusive comments have now resulted in legal consequences, including cease and desist orders, as well as numerous civil and criminal convictions. A total of 10,000 EUR in fines, court fees and damages have been issued to commenters.

The comments included abusive language such as: bitch, scum, tying up, gagging, you piece of dirt, we will find you, in addition to derogatory terms for the female reproductive organ.

The President of the German Hunting Association (Deutscher Jagdverband), Dr. Volker Böhning, urged victims of online hate crimes to collect evidence and to report any incidents of abuse.

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