United Against Captive Bred Lion Shooting
1 December 2020

Following the release of the CIC and Dallas Safari Club’s (DSC) joint statement on captive bred lion shooting last month, we received an outpouring of positive feedback from all across the hunting community and beyond.

In turn, four more organisations have decided to join as co-signatories of the joint statement, in support of the messages on this practice and on the damage it causes to the reputation of hunters, and sustainable hunting, around the world.

The organisations in question are: Rowland Ward Ltd., the International Professional Hunters’ Association (IPHA), the African Operators’ and Professional Hunters’ Associations of Africa (OPHAA) and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA).

We would like to thank these organisations for joining as co-signatories, and encourage others who wish to join, to please contact us.

The statement can be downloaded here.

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