In Memoriam: Gilbert de Turckheim
21 December 2020

We are saddened to inform you of the death of Gilbert de Turckheim, who passed away at the age of 80 on 19 December, 2020.

An avid hunter and an equally enthusiastic conservationist, Gilbert de Turckheim was widely recognised as an important figure in the world of nature conservation for his contributions to sustainable use.

He is perhaps most well known as the former President of FACE (European Federation for Hunting and Conservation), a position which he held during 2003-2015. In this role, he played an integral part in the success of the organization and its endeavours in advocating for sustainable use and the rights of European hunters. Following his departure, FACE recognised his work by giving him the title of Honorary President.

His work in conservation and sustainable use extends prior to his involvement with FACE, particularly in his home country of France. There, he worked as the Vice-President of the French National Hunters’ Federation, as well as the President of the ONCFS (French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency). He was also a member of France’s Economic and Social Council, a constitutional consultative assembly that would advise on national policies.

In addition, he was active in OMPO, the European Institute for the Management of Wild Birds and their Habitats, an international non-governmental scientific organisation whose objectives are to study and contribute to the knowledge of migratory Palearctic birds throughout their range in Eurasia-Africa while ensuring opportunities for their management and sustainable use. He was awarded the title of OMPO Honorary President and, in this capacity member, operated as one of the OMPO Board of Directors.

For the CIC, his passing is particularly saddening due to impression that he left on our organisation throughout the years. He was a Member of the CIC since 2017, and was present at the CIC General Assembly in 2015 during his tenure as FACE President, where he spoke at the Opening Ceremony on the importance of the ongoing cooperation between the CIC and FACE:

It is essential that we put in place and may keep a proper coordination of our activities and our areas of expertise to ensure maximum efficiency and complementarity, while respecting the identities and particularities of each organization.”

This CIC-FACE cooperation, which was first realised when a memorandum of cooperation was formally negotiated and signed by President de Turckheim on behalf of FACE and by President Bernard Lozé on behalf of the CIC, has endured till this day, with both organisations working together to bring about benefits to hunting and sustainable use around the world.

Gilbert de Turckheim will be remembered by the CIC team as a true European and French nobleman who devoted his time and energy to the conservation of wildlife. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

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