In Memoriam: Alexander Iosifovich Asinovsky
06 January 2020

The Russian Delegation of the CIC and the Russian Association of Hunters and Fishermen regrets to inform you that the Senior Trophy Judge (STJ) Alexander Iosifovich Asinovsky tragically passed away as a result of a serious accident at the age of 84.

Alexander Asinovsky was a labor veteran, Honored Worker of the Hunting Economy of Russia, and an Honorary Member of the Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz (Russian Association of Hunters and Fishermen).

Alexander was born in Leningrad, where his early childhood passed in the harsh years of the blockade. He survived the blockade, lost his parents and was put into an orphanage, before finding a family again. Fate brought them to the village of Ermakovo in the Igarsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, nearby the Enissey River. Here, most of the teenager’s free time was spent in the harsh, but beautiful natural environment of the north, as well as listening to the radio and, of course, books. The circle of communication between the teenager and exiles, among whom were even academics, played an important role in his upbringing. After being drafted into the army, he fell into military intelligence, where he sharpened his skills in hand-to-hand combat to perfection, which more than once helped him out in his hunting work.

His main business in life was hunting and game management. He graduated from the All-Union Agricultural Institute with a degree as a hunting biologist. He was a member of the Moscow Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen since 1955. In total, he devoted 60 years of his life to work in the hunting economy.

For a significant contribution to the development of hunting in Russia, Alexander Asinovsky was awarded the Order of the Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz “For Merit.”

He worked for many years in hunting expeditions. In the difficult period of the 90s, he worked as the head of the security service of the Losinyi Island National Park.

He made a significant contribution to the organization and holding of exhibitions for hunting trophies in the USSR and in the Russian Federation, and was also the author of the “Regulation on hunting trophies in the USSR.” Being one of the best specialists in hunting trophies in the world, A. Asinovsky laid the foundations for a completely new strategy in the field of trophy measurement, which considered the practice as an applied discipline, rather than a primitive exhibition competition of trophies. This strategy made it possible to assess the state of game populations and to scientifically plan for the development of game ranches. He has taught and developed more than one hundred experts in field of hunting trophies evaluation, and authored numerous publications on the topic of hunting and trophies during the course of his career.

He was an enthusiastic connoisseur of poetry and literature, a magnificent reader, as well as a master and teacher of martial arts. For many, he was a true friend and mentor; unfamiliar people remembered him as a direct and principled person.

During his many years of work in the Central Board as an adviser on hunting trophies to the President of the Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz, A.Asinovsky made a significant contribution to the development of scientific research, while supporting and strengthening the role of the Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz as a center of training for specialists in game management.

The good memory of him will be preserved in our hearts for a long time!

–  Russian Delegation of the CIC

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