Core Working Fields

The Applied Science Division works trans-disciplinary and focuses on the interaction between environment, economics and society. The work concentrates on Core Working Fields (CWF) within a range of Focal Geographic Areas (FGA) organised in a matrix system in order to overcome frequent overlapping of processes and work. Within the matrix the Division works on individual projects of limited duration that produce a specific result. The organisational process has not yet been finalized. Contrary to the former commission organisation, the Division will use  – until the present organisational framework has been tested sufficiently – a system of appointed Focal Volunteer Officers with recognized expertise and declared commitment to contribute substantially to the work of the Division. These Focal Volunteer Officers will be in charge of leading the work in the existing projects, develop new initiatives where necessary, and enlist the assistance of outside experts (i.e. from IUGB, IUCN SGs).

The Division has identified seven Core Working Fields within eight Focal Geographic Regions. Due to restrictions in manpower and funding, the main activities presently concentrate on the areas shaded in dark green in the table above, although with different degrees of involvement. Several on-going projects and initiatives from the former CIC commissions (CIC projects or multi-party projects, where the Division acts as coordinator/team member) fall into this matrix and are continued until completion.

Future or expanded CIC  Applied Science Division initiatives are contemplated in the fields of wildlife resource economics; incentive-driven-conservation and indigenous people; wildlife and agriculture/livestock husbandry, wildlife diseases and game-livestock-human disease Interfaces, interaction between traditional and formal knowledge, etc.

Policy on Applied Science Division Projects and Initiatives
The project policy of the Applied Science Division requires that projects and initiatives follow an organisational procedure which includes
a)    A one-page pre-project proposal with compatibility checks regarding
– CIC mission
– Applied Science Division Core Working Fields and Focal Geographical Regions,
– Identification of a Focal Volunteer Officer (CIC member),
– Feasibility check: regarding available external and internal expertise and partners,
– Feasibility check: funding requirements and sources,
– Feasibility check: time lines,
– Expected outcomes.

b)    Once the pre-project is approved by the Applied Science Division, a detailed project plan with budget must be submitted for final consideration and approval (EC approval may be required).

c)    The approved project will be included into the Division Budget and the appointed Focal Officer is responsible for performance, control and reporting to the organs of the CIC.


The matrix is still under construction and the names of focal officers for some of the projects and initiatives will be entered soon. Please contact the Division President of Deputy President for further details.