General Assemblies

The General Assembly is the highest organ of CIC.

It has notably the following major tasks:

a)    to approve new members,
General_Assembliesb)  to review the reports of the President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer, as well as the reports and recommendations of the three divisions
c)    to decide on the long-term strategy,
d)    to approve the balance sheet,
e)    to give discharge to all officers,
f)    to amend, if necessary, the present budget,
g)    to approve the budget,
h)    to adopt and amend the Statutes,
i)    to elect the President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Auditors,
j)    to elect the Presidents of the Divisions,
k)    to decide to deviate from statutory term limits of office of elected officers on proposal of the Executive Committee,
l)    to relieve CIC elected officers of their post upon proposal of the Executive Committee,
m)    to decide on the appeals foreseen in the Statutes.

It has furthermore the task of enhancing constructive relationship between its members.
So far, there were sixty General Assemblies organized in various locations of the world.  Please find the list of locations and logos or pins of the events, when available, on the picture to the right.