Way of life

The act of hunting is also a “way of life”. Hunters tend to be in harmony with the seasons, aware of the intricacies of the natural world, and quite simply close to nature. It is nature that governs the game which can be hunted, how it can be hunted, and how it and its environment need to be managed. This working field aims to give the feeling of what it means, culturally, to be a hunter.

The CIC Division Culture currently has two main projects planned to help show the public, both hunters and non-hunters alike, what is meant by hunting culture and what it means to be a hunter.

The first project is the foundation of the CIC Hunting Library. This initiative was announced by Division Culture President Prince Alexandre Poniatowski in 2013 at the occasion of the 60th General Assembly of the CIC in Budapest, Hungary. The collection will include all materials related to hunting, including paper (e.g. books & magazines), sounds, photos, videos…

The second project is the organisation of a Hunting and Nature Museum Forum, organised in cooperation with the “Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature” (Hunting and Nature Museum) in Paris. This planned forum, gathering together leaders from hunting and nature museums around the world, will provide numerous possibilities to help raise the awareness and knowledge of hunting culture.