About the TES

The CIC Trophy Evaluation System (TES) is an international system created for monitoring and comparing hunting trophies from various species with species-specific, unified measurement parameters.

The CIC Trophy Measuring Rules and Regulations gives the framework for the TES and all the participating experts to guide their work. In the document you can find all the details what you need to know about the system.

The TES has a number of linked elements with different functions:

  • Trophy Evaluation Board (TEB). This platform is the governing body of the TES. The Senior International Trophy Judges from the CIC member countries participate in the TEB meetings to discuss the development and maintenance of the TES. The TEB makes technical decisions which are then forwarded to the CIC Executive Committee for consideration and approval.
  • Senior International Trophy Judges (STJ): These experts are nominated by the Head of Delegation of the Delegation they belong to and represent their country in the Trophy Evaluation Board.
  • Certified CIC Measurers (CCM): These experts are entitled to measure trophies on behalf of the CIC. Each CIC evaluation they complete includes the submission of the trophy data in the Trophy Evaluation Database.
  • The Handbook: The CIC Handbook for the Evaluation and Measurement of Hunting Trophies (the Handbook) includes all information related to the CIC method of evaluation for hunting trophies.
  • Trophy Evaluation Database (TED): This is the central database, which is supplied by the STJs and CCMs, where all the trophy measurements recognized by the CIC are stored.