Young Opinion

Young Opinion is the youth organisation of the CIC.

The CIC aims to promote the next generation of nature conservationists and conscious hunters. It therefore offers a platform for young professionals through its Young Opinion Working Group.

At the occasion of the CIC’s 48th General Assembly in May 2000, young CIC members from different nations met on the kind invitation of the German Delegation.

During the meeting, questions came up concerning the future of the younger hunters within the CIC. This included the question of how younger members could contribute to the conservation of game and hunting and make their opinions felt lastingly in a society, which increasingly disapproves hunting.

In addition, there was also an interest in organising special activities and events for the younger members of the CIC where they could meet and exchange ideas. Members felt that there was a need to speak with one voice in all kinds of matters.

Several international events have been held since the foundation of the Young Opinion Working Group. An example is our annual assembly “Global Youth for Sustainable Use” which has been successfully organised over the years by various delegations across Europe. The first ever GYSU-event took place in 2005, founded by Tomas Landers and Fredrik von Limburg Stirum, and organised by the two gentlemen and a group of young Finnish hunters.

To become a member you start as what is termed a “potential”. This allows you to take part in all Young Opinion activities. After one year you receive the full membership. The Young Opinion membership expires at the age of 40.